Beautiful Destination To Visit In The Middle East- Doha

Qatar is experiencing rapid expansion the capital city Doha is showcasing  these changes transversely month on month. Top end lavish hotels, world class cuisines served at the highest level , shopping centres constructed to unbelievable unimaginable structures which are cropping up everywhere in what seems to be an instant.

Sport, cultural offerings and leisure activities are the areas which are changing most rapidly, yet in the midst of this future-oriented change, there’s a strong push to retain a connection to the past.

Qatar are hosting the FIFA World Cup 2022 which is a landmark event for the middle east as its the first country in the Middle East to get the opportunity to host such a global event. This has initiated a surge in development to rapidly modernise the country as well as maintaining the historical Arab essence which will give visitors a taste of modern and authentic Qatar. Visitors can shop in authentic vibrant souqs and explore the awesome historical sites. Certainly a place well worth a visit. 

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